REVU: archiving older "Needs work" uploads

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at
Mon Mar 29 14:01:29 BST 2010

On 28/03/2010, at 20.31, Luca Falavigna wrote:

> I usually do some cleanup on REVU archiving uploads with newer  
> versions
> in Debian or Ubuntu, and I would like to archive uploads which match
> these criterias too:
> * "Needs work" uploads older than six months ago
> * A developer already reviewed the package, and posted comments
> If there are no objections, I'll archive them in the next few days.

You should only archive uploads that have somehow entered the archive  
via Debian or otherwise. It is a bad idea to archive uploads that just  
have not been processed by the uploader, because someone else may want  
to take them over. MOTUs have spent time reviewing many of these  
entries and I don't want to see that work wasted. We could in fact  
flag entries older than six months that they are up for grabs.

-- Morten

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