Future of MOTU

Emmet Hikory persia at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 24 13:20:52 GMT 2010

Brian J Mingus wrote:
> Yep! And since this is not a democracy I wonder who at Ubuntu has authorized
> the demise of the REVU system? Isn't it part of Canonical's Ubuntu vision
> and hasn't at least one paid employee been asked to do it? Wasn't that
> person supervised by someone and did they drop the ball? Not to point
> fingers I have no idea how those things work - I just think its an
> unfortunate thing.

    Nobody "authorised" the demise of the REVU system.  It was created
by volunteers to facilitate review of packages.  REVU has never been
overseen by Canonical, and I do not believe that any Canonical staff
have ever been assigned to ensure it goes smoothly (although I may be
mistaken).  REVU's infastructue is provided by UbuntuWire, as a result
of support from Department of Computer Science 4, Friedrich-Alexander
University, Erlangen-Nuremberg.

    The key consideration is that MOTU consists *entirely* of
volunteers.  Some of us happen to also be paid for other work they do
in open source or in Ubuntu, but nobody is paid to be MOTU.  So long
as MOTU remains the group that oversees REVU, REVU processing by MOTU
will only happen when individual MOTU are sufficiently interested in
processing that queue.

    As Eliot pointed out, one of the best ways to help keep this queue
in shape is to participate in the review of submitted packages.  As
Benjamin pointed out, working *also* with Debian is a great way to get
packages into Ubuntu.  If you'd like to help, please set to reviewing
and improving packages on REVU, and helping get them assigned a
maintainer and in Debian.  If you've questions along the way, please
join us in #ubuntu-motu on freenode: it's a rare time of day someone
won't be happy to help with any questions you have.


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