Wesley wesleys at
Tue Mar 16 13:28:14 GMT 2010

fabrice wrote:

> Marco Filetti escribió:
>> hope I'm writing to the right address, but I noticed that the version of 
>> simutrans (a nice open source game) offered in karmic's repository is 
>> relatively old (102.0), the problem with this older version is that is 
>> doesn't load saved games games correctly - pretty bad. The new version 
>> 102.2, donwloaded from the game's official site works correctly.
>> I might even try to fix the repo myself, but I don't really know where 
>> to start from.
> If you want to get it fixed in Karmic, you could request a backport. See
> to have more info on it.

I've requested a backport for Karmic[1]. There is a sync request for
102.2.2, and if that one is completed I will try to backport that version.

Could you (Marco) test the backport?


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