OSSCamp Chandigarh April 2010 - Open Source Is The Future

Lorenzo De Liso blackz at email.it
Fri Mar 5 13:07:27 GMT 2010

Il giorno 5 mar 2010, Rishabh Verma ha scritto:

Hello All,

>OSSCamp is again being organized in *Chandigarh* on April 10, 2010.
>This is
>another step ahead to foster the open source community in the city
>beautiful. At a Camp, we love to cross-talk, huddle together, raise
>noise, celebrate technology, argue over how *Linux* is the coolest OS
>made, fight on our fav programming languages, discuss stuff, and what
>*Linux, especially Ubuntu* would be a major topic of discussion at the
>The participants will include enthusiastic *Linux geeks and
>enthusiasts* and
>you all will surely get to learn a lot. The main purpose of the camp in
>*Chandigarh* is to promote open source technologies especially Linux
>and >that
>too Ubuntu because we feel that it is the most easy to use Linux
>distribution ever made.* Ideas on how to make the Ubuntu experience
>better and easy to use for an absolute beginner will be discussed and
>would be submitted to the Ubuntu community for Further development for
>these ideas.  *

Thanks for the invite, I think that's a good idea. 
I'll try to be there if I will not be busy! 


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