advoctae for my package: Spyder

Christian Mangold neversfelde at
Mon Jan 18 20:12:34 GMT 2010

Hi Timmie,

you should first close at least this problems mentioned on revu:

#  The Maintainer  field is invalid. It has to contain an address 
(usually the Ubuntu MOTU Team's). The packager can leave his/her name as XSBC-

Maintainer is now: Maintainer: Ubuntu Developers <ubuntu-devel-
discuss at>

# Package is for "karmic" but only packages for "lucid" are currently 

Change the changelog. The developement version is Lucid now.

# The changelog does not close a bug from Launchpad. New packages should have 
a needs-packaging bug and the upload close it using the syntax "(LP: #nnnn)". 

You should add a Bug tagged with needs packaging in Launchpad and close it 
with (LP: #000000) in the changelog. This is not a critical bug, but necessary 
to avoid duplication of work.

Regards Christian

neversfelde at
neversfelde on
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