MOTU documentation for beginners

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Thu Jan 14 13:58:54 GMT 2010

Hi Daniel

On Thu, Jan 14, 2010 at 9:28 AM, Daniel Holbach
<daniel.holbach at> wrote:
> On 13.01.2010 13:30, Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) wrote:
>> I had similar problems when I first started reading MOTU
>> documentation, some sections are very long-winded, I think in some
>> cases it's very difficult to keep it short and still explain
>> everything that needs to be explained.
> Can you explain which of these you are referring to? What specifically
> would you like to see fixed?

I think I was a bit unfair there, glancing over the documentation on
the wiki it seems much better than I remember it. Perhaps it improved
a lot since I looked at it, or maybe I've become more patient.

> And you're lucky... is
> happening in just a few days. :-)

Yes that's awesome!

>> Perhaps it would be better to fix up the current documentation,
>> updating it and perhaps break some of the larger pieces into smaller
>> chunks, and also have more classes available and make more videos,
>> rather than starting a new docs project from scratch for this?
> If you have a look at the wiki "source" you'll see that the sections are
> broken up in small chunks, so they can be reorganised easily.

Yep, what I'm basically saying to Rami is that it would probably be
much less work making the current documentation more friendly and
beginners friendly where it needs to be so, rather than starting more
documentation from scratch.

> Which additional classes and videos would you like to see?

A video covering merging would be really nice. I don't have all the
answers yet but I was thinking before that it may be useful to have a
kind of motu-school with a 12 week cycle where topics are covered in
classes every week from beginner to intermediate or maybe even higher
and presented by the motu mentors. That way someone could know that if
they follow the process they could at least become reasonably
comfortably with the Ubuntu packaging processes in a certain time
frame. There could be tests after each week so that people could test
their own progress and knowledge, and if they do well I guess that
could be used to show to a developers board to show that they know all
the basics when it comes to being a motu. Like I said, I don't have
all the answers myself and it may be too much work and difficult for
some people to follow, but having more regular classes and knowing
what to expect from those classes could be very useful imho. I'm not
sure how many people are interested in becomming MOTU's at the moment.

> Who would like to help out with any of this? We're still looking for
> people willing to give sessions:

I'm a MOTU and I know at least the basics, if no one minds then I'd
like to present one, if it's a topic I'm not familiar with I might
just need a few days before the time to prepare and get comfortable
with the content.


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