[Lucid] Updating Open-motif to 2.3.2 in multiverse?

Jerone Young jerone.young at canonical.com
Tue Jan 12 18:48:40 GMT 2010

open-motif currently in multiverse is pretty dated and stuck at version
2.2.3. Open-motif is now at version 2.3.2 and has been out for a very
long time (since around march 09).

Many corporate & home users are having to package 2.3.2 on their own or
have it packaged for them to use clients such as Citrix reciever.

The pain can also be seen on Ubuntu form posts such as this one:

More info on open motif:

If this can be updated for Lucid LTS it would be a big help to many
users. Though not sure who to talk with about getting it updated, so
apologies if this has gone out to the wrong list.


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