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Thu Feb 18 11:21:34 GMT 2010

On Wed, Feb 17, 2010 at 01:42:29PM +0100, Stefan Potyra wrote:

> > As a first step, I suggest merging motu-release and ubuntu-release for
> > lucid.

> This seems to be the consensus so far, anyone disagree?

> As FeatureFreeze is already tomorrow, I think we should immediately try to 
> find the procedure how to handle freeze exception requests (which I guess 
> will start to get filed from tomorrow on). To not block lucid development on 
> the lack of a procedure, I suggest that we keep the status quo and have 
> motu-release handle universe/multiverse exception requests with two +1 votes 
> and have ubuntu-release handle main/restricted as an interim solution.

Ack; freeze announcement sent out with the status quo.

Regarding the team unification, is there an expectation that the two-vote
approach will continue?  I don't have a strong preference between the
ubuntu-release and motu-release approaches, but I think it would be strange
to be applying different procedures for different archive sections - or to
different members of the team! - so we should probably pick one...

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