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On Wed, Jan 27, 2010 at 03:03:35PM +0100, Stefan Potyra wrote:
> I've (only) talked to Daniel so far and we came up with the following possible 
> alternatives:

>  - Flavours like Kubuntu can approve their own members, so it would
>    make sense to let them make decisions in terms of freeze exceptions
>    too. (The MOTU Release team had delegates of various teams that
>    made decisions, which worked out well.)

Between Jonathan's Riddell's status as a member of the release team, and his
repeated delegation by motu-release regarding Kubuntu packages in universe,
I think that reasonably approximates the status quo; but I hesitate to
describe this as "flavors making their own decisions about freeze
exceptions".  So long as the Ubuntu family of distributions continue to make
releases together out of the same archive, there's a need for coordination
on such matters as the timing of the archive freeze, buildd quiescing for
ISO mastering, and release-readiness criteria; I think the best option is to
continue having a central team, which can either solicit team members from
the flavour communities or delegate freeze decisions for a set of packages.

>  - Merge motu-release and ubuntu-release? Add team members of the
>    "flavours" to ubuntu-release to form kind of a "release
>    taskforce"?

As a first step, I suggest merging motu-release and ubuntu-release for

>  - Just drop motu-release and let ubuntu-release make the decisions?

I think that would only frustrate contributors, as the existing
ubuntu-release team isn't likely to be able to keep up with all requests.

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