Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at
Mon Feb 1 19:00:19 GMT 2010

Am Donnerstag, den 28.01.2010, 01:04 +0900 schrieb Emmet Hikory:
> > motu-sru and ubuntu-sru merged into a single team.  I've had a couple of
> > conversations with people in terms of doing something simllar with motu-
> > release and ubuntu-release.  I think it's the right answer.  So far it's been
> > a matter of finding time to talk with everyone about it and decide what should
> > be done.

Since nobody objected up until now, could somebody maybe write up
something quick how this should all work in the future? (Including
changes to ), so it
could be discussed at the next Release team meeting?

>     Could such an item be added to the agenda of the next release
> meeting?  It seems like the various groups typically reporting there
> would be natural delegates for the various areas on which they report
> (and those groups that had historical delegates ought be encouraged to
> participate and report in that forum).  Alternately, if more time is
> required, the 5th February meeting?

Sounds good to me.

Have a great day,

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