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 Dear Ubuntu MOTU developers,

The problem with MrBayes in 64 bit MrBayes is that there is a bug that makes it "segfault" everytime. This is a known issue and there is patch available for this. The Ubuntu version of MrBayes? is not usable in 64bit systems.

I am attaching the patch and the compiled binary. Please apply the patch and compile the source, or you can directly use the binary that i have already patched and it works perfectly in 64-bit systems. Kindly update the repos with the patched .debs.




PS: mb is the patched binary execute.

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Subject: 64 bit pat Mrbayes executable 

    Move the patch into the mrbayes-3.1.2 source folder

  code :


  patch -R -p 1 < Mb_64bit-safe.patch



  OBJECT_MODE=64 make _64BIT=yes

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