Reminder: Three wishes for Soyuz and Launchpad Bugs 4.0

Michael Bienia michael at
Tue Sep 22 15:39:16 BST 2009

On 2009-09-20 08:36:11 +1000, William Grant wrote:
> It also appears that we now have three wishes for Launchpad Bugs. I've
> been asked to give both on Wednesday, so get any opinions in soon!

- Better support to see which Ubuntu releases are affected by a bug
  (version support)

  Currently it's hard to tell which Ubuntu releases are affected by a
  bug as the most bug don't have releases tasks opened. And those who
  have appear on lists which nobody nearly looks at as they are hard to
  find. I don't know if the bug still exists that a bug doesn't get
  listed anymore on the "generic" bug listing if it got fixed in the
  current development version but still open for older releases.

  Opening release tasks for a bug to correctly mark which Ubuntu
  releases are affected, doesn't help if the currently used bug lists
  doesn't properly display it (or even only appear on lists which nobody

  It would be also good for users to be able to see bugs which are only
  affecting the version (Ubuntu release) they use. It's properly not of
  much use for them to see bugs affecting the next Ubuntu release
  (unless they check before doing an update). And it doesn't help other
  users to see bugs which are already fixed in the version they use but
  are still open in the version before (e.g. not SRU-worthy or not easy
  to fix there).


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