new audex package 0.72b1

Loïc Martin loic.martin3 at
Thu Sep 17 14:57:38 BST 2009

Klaus Staerk wrote:
 > Hello audex package maintainer,
 > I'd like to hint you to a new audex package:
 > Would be great to see that package in Karmic.

audex versioning (no #ubuntu# at the end) means it's synced straight 
from Debian. Thus, you would have better results by filling a bug in 
Debian Bug Tracking System against it 

Since it's team maintained (Debian KDE Extras Team) it should be updated 
   without much troubles. If you don't have a response in a month or 
two, your best method would be to report a bug against it in Launchpad 
( and tagging it 
"upgrade" (and possibly linking to the Debian bug you opened earlier).

It probably won't make it in time for Karmic though, because it's past 
feature freeze, but once the new package enters Debian it will be 
automatically synced for Ubuntu 10.4 (at which stage a backport could be 


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