MTASC has been forked, perhaps you would like to update?

Tristan Schmelcher tschmelcher at
Fri Oct 30 17:04:23 GMT 2009

Thanks for the quick reply, Paul.

2009/10/30 Paul Wise <pabs at>

> On Fri, 2009-10-30 at 13:16 +0100, Tristan Schmelcher wrote:
> > I'm just writing to let you know that I recently forked MTASC, the
> > Motion-Twin ActionScript 2.0 compiler, which is packaged in both
> > Debian and Ubuntu as "mtasc". Motion-Twin has ceased development of
> > MTASC and my attempts to get patches submitted fell on deaf ears, so I
> > have made a new site and released a new version, 1.15. See
> > for the code and binaries.
> Tristan, I know how you feel, some of my simple Debian patches are still
> waiting as far as I know.
> Nicolas, when will you be able to merge our patches?
> Nicolas, even if you do merge Tristan's patches, I think it would be a
> good idea to turn mtasc development over to the community and moving
> everything to a sourceforge project is probably the best way to do that.
> Would you consider doing that? One issue with doing that is the extc
> static library, which is currently an embedded code copy in mtasc. I
> guess that could be moved to its own project too.
> Tristan, why are you not distributing a source code tarball?
I read over SourceForge's current policy docs and couldn't find any
reference to their old requirement that projects release source tarballs, so
I assumed it was no longer required. The source is all in SVN of course. I'm
not committed against source tarballs though.

> Tristan, if you haven't yet looked at the Git version control system,
> I'd strongly suggest doing so. If you need someone to do a good
> conversion from CVS -> SVN -> Git, I'd be happy to help out since I have
> a fair bit of experience with that.

I'm aware of Git, though I don't have much experience with it. From what I
know of Git it sounds awesome, but it also sounds like most of its benefits
are for projects with large numbers of contributors and patches (e.g., the
Linux kernel). I don't expect a fork of MTASC to have either, so I'm not
sure the gains would be worth the migration effort.

> > The new version adds two major features: support for classes
> > containing more than 32 KB of bytecode, and support for Flash 9. These
> > changes have been in use internally at Google for almost two years
> > with no problems.
> I'm sure mtasc users would very much appreciate these two features.
> > I'd be pleased if you would consider updating your mtasc packages to
> > the new version.
> I'm not actually using the Debian mtasc package and am only maintaining
> it out of inertia. If you would like to take it over and upload your
> fork to Debian (which would then be automatically copied to Ubuntu), I'd
> be happy to sponsor you until you become a DD or get DM privileges.
> You might want to contact the maintainers of the FreeBSD and Fink
> packages too, you can find them using the 'whohas' tool in Debian:
> --
> bye,
> pabs
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