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You probably want to think about why you need the slightly newer  
version. All new versions will have new bugs. The highest number isn't  
necessarily the best.


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On 30 Oct 2009, at 02:39, Mike Luntz <laptop at> wrote:

> Thanks for the reply Justin. I'll take a look at the references you
> provided and decide, based on what I find, what my next step will be.
> Mike
> On Thu, 2009-10-29 at 21:30 -0500, Justin Dugger wrote:
>> On Thu, Oct 29, 2009 at 9:00 PM, Mike Luntz <laptop at>  
>> wrote:
>>> I am a relatively inexperienced user of Ubuntu and have noticed that
>>> even though new versions of applications are available from  
>>> developers
>>> as source code, the package versions seem to lag significantly. Do
>>> application packages remain at the version that existed when the
>>> specific version of Ubuntu was released or do the MOTU maintainers
>>> update application versions as time and resources permit?
>> First, see this document:
>> Versions may be backported if you have time or inclination to  
>> follow a
>> process. New versions can be placed in -backports, but it has to be  
>> in
>> development branch (Lucid) first, for both technical and social
>> reasons.
>>> The specific package I have in mind is Avogadro, for which version  
>>> 1.0
>>> was just released. The version available on Jaunty is 0.8 and on  
>>> Karmic
>>> is 0.9.7. I have considered compiling the source for version 1.0.  
>>> But
>>> compiling version 1.0 depends on a number of other applications  
>>> which
>>> are not available as packages and would, themselves, need to be  
>>> compiled
>>> from source. Although I have installed a few applications from the
>>> source in the past, doing this for Avogadro seems too daunting a  
>>> task.
>> Two commands you may very much appreciate are:
>> * apt-get source avogadro
>> and
>> * apt-get build-dep avogadro
>> These will get you the existing source, including debian/ubuntu
>> specific patches, and install the build dependencies. That may give
>> you the tools you need to build 1.0. If you get it to work, consider
>> reporting this to MOTU or the Debian maintainers.
>>> So I am wondering whether there will ever be a version update to
>>> Avogadro on either Jaunty or Karmic.
>> It looks like right now the only attention this package gets in  
>> Ubuntu
>> is fixing build failures.  Which is fine; you should get in contact
>> with Debian and see if they're working on it. If they are, it could  
>> be
>> possible to get it sync/merged from Debian unstable to Lucid, test  
>> it,
>> then backport to Karmic.  This may take some time, but it's an
>> unavoidable consequence; 1.0.0 released little over a week ago.
>> Justin Dugger
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