software ugrade versions

Mike Luntz laptop at
Fri Oct 30 02:00:55 GMT 2009

I am a relatively inexperienced user of Ubuntu and have noticed that
even though new versions of applications are available from developers
as source code, the package versions seem to lag significantly. Do
application packages remain at the version that existed when the
specific version of Ubuntu was released or do the MOTU maintainers
update application versions as time and resources permit?

The specific package I have in mind is Avogadro, for which version 1.0
was just released. The version available on Jaunty is 0.8 and on Karmic
is 0.9.7. I have considered compiling the source for version 1.0. But
compiling version 1.0 depends on a number of other applications which
are not available as packages and would, themselves, need to be compiled
from source. Although I have installed a few applications from the
source in the past, doing this for Avogadro seems too daunting a task.

So I am wondering whether there will ever be a version update to
Avogadro on either Jaunty or Karmic.

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