sunbird 0.9 irreversible converts data from 0.7 without warning

Jens Giesemann jens at
Wed Oct 14 18:11:56 BST 2009


i used to open my server based sunbird calendar profile via nfs from
several hardy pc located at my site (one after another). 

now i first installed jaunty on a notebook and started sunbird 0.9 with
that data, worked fine. but later trying to connect with a 0.7 sunbird
again, failed due to data incompatibility reasons. the profile schema
obviously was indegradeable upgraded by 0.9 without notice.

in trust of the experienced high reliability of ubuntu mozilla software
i was fundamental sure either the versions were compatible or i would
get a warning ... so i didnt make a profile backup containing my recent
changes. really!

this is not really a big mess for me, i will export and import the data
in 0.7 - less time than writing this mail. but i suggest, an application
never should upgrade data schemes without a notice, shouldn't it?

kind regards from oldenburg and many thanks for your great work!

jens giesemann

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