I Need Help!!!

Delta.cn delta007 at yahoo.cn
Mon Oct 12 11:45:32 BST 2009

Dear Mr.
    Thanks for your jobs which have have been done by you to help the users of
Linux. But recently ,I have some problems to ask for your help because I can do nothing for these .
    I am a postgraduate students from China whose major is Medicine. And a friend of mine introduced me to get into the field of Ubuntu9.04 Linux. As a newer ,I have many things to know to recognize the Linux. I have to use many softwares which were used in Windows. In order to get some help , I have known the wine on the Internet ,but when I want to install it in my computer ,it failed .What's wrong ? 
    It says “ Error : Dependency is not satisfiable libaudio2”
    My computer is HP CQ 510 laptop, 1G 160G ,Intel T1500 X 2 ,1.8 GHz.
    I hope for your reply .
    Thank you very much for your reading .

                                                  RenEe Delta Sunny
                                                   10.12   2009

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