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Am Wednesday 07 October 2009 08:13:36 schrieb fabrice:
> John Dong escribió:
> > Can you clarify these two points? To my 2AM mind it reads as if the
> It's because my 7AM mind needs some coffee :-)
> let me rephrase it this way:
> - if modification has already been done, stick to what the Debian
> maintainer or Ubuntu is already doing. That mean use the existing patch
> system, if any, or modify directly the source if some modifications has
> already been done, but do not add a patch system.
> - if it's a Debian package and no previous modifications has been done,
> modify directly the source, and do not introduce a patch system

Yes, sounds good!

> - if it's an Ubuntu (-0ubuntuX) package and no previous modifications
> has been done, adding a patch system is preferred

I must admit that I usually don't introduce patch systems there (as I don't 
like these too much *g*). However I guess that's a case-by-case decision: 
Adding a patch system for a one-line change seems like overkill to me.
OTOH a patch system can help if you have several changes, which target 
different bugs, because you can then split these in separate patches which 
targetting one bug.

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