Xpaint new release

Jean-Pierre Demailly Jean-Pierre.Demailly at ujf-grenoble.fr
Fri Oct 2 17:03:35 BST 2009


As karmic approaches, I'd like to inform the Ubuntu MOTU team that
new versions of xpaint have just been released on Sourceforge,
currently at 2.8.3.

The new 2.8.x series should be even more stable than 2.7.x as it
includes correction of several potential segfault bugs, and it has a
substantial number of new features, e.g. PS/PDF/SVG import, support
for OCR/scripting/batch procedures (including support for generating a
PDF file from scanned images). Also the widget overall behaviour has
been improved and modernized.

The package includes debian support files, so a 'dpkg-buildpackage'
is in principle enough to build it on Ubuntu (also, it is has just been
included in Mandriva-2010, which has contributed a spec file and
some compilation fixes for the last 2.8.3 version).

JP Demailly
(developer/maintainer since around 2000, in spite of a somewhat
slow and irregular development ...)

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