Request new ubuntu universe sponsors admin.

Luke Yelavich themuso at
Thu Oct 1 00:44:33 BST 2009

Hi all
Lately, new MOTUs who have wanted to be on the universe sponsors team in Launchpad have had a bit of a hassle tracking down a team admin to add them. There are currently 2 admins, myself, and Emmet. Both of us tend to cover the eastern time zones, and don't really cover Europe and the US very well.

So I think its time we add another admin from that general area to field requests for new team member additions when myself and Emmet are not around. If anybody is interested, please contact me, and I can set you up with admin access to the team. The workload is rather light, as there is generally very little to be done.

NOTE: You must already be a MOTU, and preferably have experience with sponsoring uploads, and dealing with the universe sponsors team workflow.



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