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Sat Nov 28 01:35:24 GMT 2009


> I didn't realize that they made it into Karmic, but I just saw them
> right after I wrote my mail. Sorry that I forgot them. But the problem
> remains the same that there are just too few providers.
> Just providing a very basic set isn't enough to compete with the other
> distributions and as the OpenDRIM providers also depend on SFCB it
> shouldn't matter which provider set we provide as long as the enterprise
> users get what they need/want.

For Karmic version, OpenDRIM project provided 6 provider modules and
common library as a initial step.

We are going to finish to develop the following provider modules
until the end of this year, and they should be open to other communities.

Simple Identity Management
Software Inventory
Boot Control
PCI Information
Power State Management
Software Update
Power Supply

Next year, we hope to cover almost all the management profiles
developed by DMTF.

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