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Hi *,

I would like to get more CIM providers from the SBLIM project into
future versions of Ubuntu.

Because in the business world it is a requirement that new systems can
be managed through existing technology/software.

WBEM is a standard here and is widely accepted. As I see that all the
big players in the operating system world (Solaris, RHEL, SLES, Windows)
are providing the most common providers for system management I also see
there is a huge lack in Ubuntu and all other Debian based distributions.

Therefore I decided to start packaging the missing providers from the
SBLIM project:

I chose SBLIM over the others because of the following reasons:

1. OpenPegasus
   - big and somewhat monolithic
   - hard to separate into packages
   - a lot of build problems
2. OpenWBEM
   - dead? (last release 2006-10-19)
3. WBEM-Services
   - dead? (last release 2004-11-01)

The SBLIM project is actively under development (almost completely by
IBM devs) and the license isn't very attractive to Ubuntu/Debian but it
has several advantages:

- - small footprint (simple, fast, suitable even for embedded devices)
- - providers use CMPI (allows their use in other CIMOM servers)
- - SFCB + sblim-cmpi-base already available in universe

So I started with the following providers:

My first try to get them into karmic was not very successful but now
I've sorted out a lot of problems and want to get them into lucid as it
will be the next LTS release.

I also have some other packages packaged until now for a quick look in
my launchpad PPA:

Please have a look at the packages and comment any errors or things that
should be done preventing its inclusion.


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