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Mon Nov 9 10:05:44 GMT 2009

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Maia Kozheva <sikon at> writes:

> On 09.11.2009 15:13, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
>> I can only advice against that website. libmp4v2-1 is packaged in the
>> pkg-multimedia team and a clean packaging can be found on
>>  Please consider joining that packaging team and
>> maintain the packaging for ubuntu there.
> I'll do that. But will this package enter Debian itself, or will we have
> to merge it directly from git?

I didn't upload it yet because we are not positive if there will be a
single package that will use it. In ubuntu the situation seems

I'd say let's have an ubuntu branch on and merge and
upload from there. Works great with ffmpeg.

>> The main problem with mp4v2 is its license: MPL. This license prevents
>> the library to be used from any GPL licensed application. This does not
>> seem to be a new issue, btw.
> Doesn't this mean we have the same issue with GPL software currently
> using libmp4v2 from mpeg4ip? Does it mean we need to get the upstream
> authors of gtkpod, kid3, etc. to relicense it under GPL+exception (which
> might not be possible)?

Either that, or have them removed from the ubuntu archive because of
license violation. Or get them ported to libavformat. does not seem to care for these issues, but we in
ubuntu do.

> As for libavcodec, I don't know about other applications, but these two
> use libmp4v2 to access and modify metadata, not the sound data itself.
> Is there another library for reading and writing AAC/M4A metadata?

libavformat is supposed to provide this functionality.

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