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Mon Nov 9 09:13:42 GMT 2009

Maia Kozheva <sikon at> writes:

> Right now, libmp4v2 is provided by the mpeg4ip package, which has ceased
> development since September 2007.
> In 2009, the library was forked into a separate project, available here:
> It is packaged on, as libmp4v2-1 (ours is
> libmp4v2-0 from mpeg4ip). Should we get it into Ubuntu to get a version
> of the library with active upstream development?

I can only advice against that website. libmp4v2-1 is packaged in the
pkg-multimedia team and a clean packaging can be found on  Please consider joining that packaging team and
maintain the packaging for ubuntu there.

The main problem with mp4v2 is its license: MPL. This license prevents
the library to be used from any GPL licensed application. This does not
seem to be a new issue, btw.

My general recommondation for new program that want to decode AAC is to
port them to libavformat/libavcodec.

> And if so, what will be the fate of mpeg4ip? Its upstream is dead, and
> it was pretty much only uploaded to Ubuntu for libmp4v2 in the first
> place. (Before that, we had an even older version provided by faac.)

I'm inclined to suggest to just drop it.

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