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I'm using colorgcc 1.3.2 (Ubuntu package version

While I generally like this tool, I think 2 issues are somewhat

(1) One has to define all different kinds of compiler binaries
    (cpp, gcc, cc, c++, g++, ...) of all versions (3.3, 3.4, 4.0, ...)
    explicitly in its configuration file. I know the 'gccVersion'
    option, but it isn't of much use if using several different
    versions at once.
(2) colorgcc silently defaults to a default binary (/usr/bin/gcc, ...),
    which is the standard version on a platform, if nothing else
    is configured.

This took me several hours of searching, because I silently compiled
using the wrong compiler, that was already known to break builds.

So why doesn't colorgcc just search the compiler binary itself,
skipping those that are again symlinks to itself? This way one doesn't
have to configure the paths in colorgcc anymore and can fully rely on
the usual environment variables and build systems.

The attached patch tries to accomplish that and also lets the script die,
if it doesn't find a compiler.


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