MOTU SRU's and debdiffs

John Dong jdong at
Thu Nov 5 04:48:30 GMT 2009

For Karmic SRU's, I'd like to ask for those packaging SRU's to upload  
a debdiff for review on the Launchpad bug when MOTU-SRU is subscribed,  
and upload to -proposed after receiving an ACK.

I realize for main SRU's, it is a smoother workflow to directly upload  
into proposed, as those performing the review can conveniently see the  
diff and approve/reject it.

Only today was my attention brought to the -proposed queue and I saw  
some SRU's sitting in there that slipped under my radar.

P.S. While we're on the subject, what is the status with the motu-sru  
references edited out of 
StableReleaseUpdates ? I was only made FYI-aware a couple months ago  
that the two SRU teams will merge post archive reorg, but had no idea  
when it was going to happen (not to mention right now it hasn't  
happened but the proper procedure is not outlined in the wiki any  

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