Re: Søren Hansen and Michael Bienia

Scott Kitterman ubuntu at
Mon Nov 2 11:31:08 GMT 2009

On Mon, 02 Nov 2009 08:22:26 +0100 Daniel Holbach 
<daniel.holbach at> wrote:
>Am Samstag, den 31.10.2009, 13:08 -0400 schrieb Scott Kitterman:
>> Would you please point me to the minutes of the meetings or the archive 
of the discussion where this decision was taken?
>It was discussed via email. 
Was there some need for this discussion to take place in private or do we 
lack an appropriate public venue for such discussions?  I'm not questioning 
their right to make the decision, but my impression is that the process was 
less transparent than it could have (should have) been.

Scott K

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