Portaudio Package

grasch at simon-listens.org grasch at simon-listens.org
Wed May 27 14:47:26 BST 2009


I am the developer of the speech recognition solution called simon. It
uses portaudio for sound input/output. Sadly users have a lot of troubles
with it on *buntu.

Upgrading from the latest portaudio version in the repositories
(19+svn20071207-0ubuntu7) to a current snapshot fixes all those problems.

I saw that the portaudio team itself recommends using a snapshot over the
"stable" version as portaudio has matured a lot since the last stable
release. The snapshots are actually more stable than the "stable" version.

The change should also be binary compatible.

You are displayed as the package maintainer. Would you consider updating
the package?


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