mirrordir is buggy ?

Ploc ploc2009 at acampado.net
Mon May 18 23:09:00 BST 2009


I've seen on the Ubuntu page
<http://packages.ubuntu.com/fr/jaunty/mirrordir> that you were the
official maintainer of mirrordir.

I've been using mirrordir until last week where I found out that it was
buggy and that I had lost many files during my backup.

I then emailed the original author of mirrordir who told me that he had
not updated mirrordir since 10 years and that mirrordir was buggy. I
forward you an email from him and another from a friend of him
confirming that there is bugs in mirrordir.

The main bug is that mirrordir does not tell anything when he encounters
a problem preventing him from copying the file. This is in my opinion a
severe bug for a backup and mirroring tool.

That's why I suggest to remove mirrordir from the repository until all
the bugs are patched. rsync or many other tool can do the same thing as
mirrordir in a more secure way.

Let me think what you think of it. You can contact the author (or his
friend) of mirrordir if you want some confirmation (I'm sorry but I lost
the mails they sent me).


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