Make ~ubuntu-dev a member of ubuntu-universe-sponsors?

Siegfried-Angel siggi.gevatter at
Wed May 13 21:03:52 BST 2009


I agree with James in that I'd be good to have ~ubuntu-dev as a member
of ~ubuntu-universe-sponsors; in fact, I've never really seen a need
for having the second team at all (other than that people need a team
they can subscribe).

Neither do I understand in what way knowing whether someone is a
member of ubuntu-universe-sponsors may be relevant to someone looking
at the bug; people not in it can sponsor stuff as well (and I guess
that if they're looking at a bug in the sponsorship queue then it's
likely that they want to sponsor the upload, either because they got
some time and are looking for something to sponsor or because they're
interested in that particular bug and want to see it fixed) and those
who are in the team are free to look at stuff even if they don't want
to sponsor it; please don't assume that if someone is in u-u-s this
means he'll be uploading everything he sees ;).

Just my 5 cent,

Siegfried-Angel Gevatter Pujals (RainCT)
Ubuntu Developer. Debian Contributor.

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