gtkpod and dynamic libmp4v2

Reinhard Tartler siretart at
Mon May 11 14:56:55 BST 2009

Maia Kozheva <sikon at> writes:

> faad2 is actually in main, it's faac that's in multiverse.

sidenote: it has turned out that faac claims to be LGPL, but in fact is
not. Keeping it in multiverse until someone investigates the issue
further seems a good idea.

filed as #374900. takers welcome.

> libmp4v2 is part of the mpeg4ip source package, which has two
> multiverse build-dependencies: libmp3lame-dev (from lame) and
> libxvidcore4 (from xvidcore).

> If x264 was moved to universe, I see no evident reason for these two
> to remain in multiverse just because of patent issues, but IANAL.

there is much more evidence about enforcment on mp3 patents so that I
would suggest additional care here.

xvid is AFAIUI clearly non-free material. :-(

> I have another doubt against a gtkpod-aac transitional package: it would be a
> divergence from Debian that we would have to carry until it can be dropped (in
> karmic+1? What's the policy on transitional packages?), since Debian has no
> reason to add it.

Yes, we (would) have to keep that divergence until the next LTS
release. This is however not very challanging to manage IME. 

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