gtkpod and dynamic libmp4v2

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Sun May 10 19:53:11 BST 2009

Maia Kozheva <sikon at> writes:

> 11.05.2009 01:10, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
>> I think 1, but the other way round:
>> first add a gtkpod-aac transitional binary package to the gtkpod source
>> package, get that accepted. Since that version is higher than the old
>> gtkpod-aac source package, it will get always installed.
>> then wait for (or ping) the archive admins. They should automatically
>> detect that gtkpod-aac is obsolete and remove it from the archive.
>> approach 2 is IMO less desireable because it leaves us with 2 source
>> packages. One source package is clearly less cluttered and IMO more
>> obvious to manage.
> The issue with a transitional package (as brought up by James Westby) would be
> that, being in universe, it wouldn't be able to pull libmp4v2 from multiverse.
> So, hypothetically, users who install gtkpod-aac on a fresh system with
> multiverse disabled won't get the expected AAC support.

Is that really necessary? besides, why is libmp4v2-0 in multiverse
anyway? cf. with the latest meeting minutes from the TB. x264 and vlc
recently got promoted from multiverse to universe, and from the first
look, it seems that we could (and should) do that with faad as well.

And moreover, we have metapackages like 'ubuntu-restricted-extras' for
helping users to select packages for multimedia usage. Imagine that some
derivative might want to have gtkpod on the live cd. having libmp4v2-0
in the live-cd would make that very problematic.

> Although the package description would clearly label it as transitional. Hmm...
> Incidentally, are universe packages allowed to recommend (as opposed to suggest)
> multiverse packages?


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