gtkpod and dynamic libmp4v2 (was: RFS: smplayer (updated package))

Maia Kozheva sikon at
Sun May 10 16:55:10 BST 2009

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28.04.2009 22:54, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
> Maia Kozheva <sikon at> writes:
>> Response from gtkpod upstream:
>>> I like the idea of dynamically detecting libmp4v2. Patches welcome.
>> I'll try to write a patch this week and commit it to upstream SVN first, then
>> backport to Ubuntu.
> Excellent, thanks for your work!

I've committed the changes upstream and uploaded gtkpod version 0.99.14-2ubuntu2
adding the patch. Now libmp4v2 support (and thus .m4a handling) should be
enabled in gtkpod if libmp4v2-0 is installed. (I added it to recommends.)

I'm not sure what to do with the gtkpod-aac package, though. The user will get
the same functionality with gtkpod and libmp4v2-0 installed, but even a
transitional package cannot depend on the latter because it is in multiverse.

I see two possible directions from here:

1) remove the current Ubuntu gtkpod-aac source package and add a transitional
gtkpod-aac package to gtkpod that does not depend on libmp4v2-0;
or 2) replace the gtkpod-aac package in multiverse (currently a modified copy of
gtkpod) with a small native package that does nothing except pulling gtkpod and

Which approach would be preferable?
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