multimon 1.0-4.1 on ubuntu intrepid 64bit

Max Bowsher maxb at
Tue Mar 24 07:40:03 GMT 2009

Thomas Osterried wrote:
> Hello,
> i've encountered a problem with multimon version 1.0-4.1
> on my ubuntu intrepid amd64 using gnome session manager.
> I start multimon from a gnome terminal. An x11-window opens, for
> displaying the audio waves.
> Now i close the X11 window, because i want the program to terminate.
> Then my X11 session dies and i'm being logged out.

Hi Thomas,

I confirm this bug on Jaunty, how annoying!

It seems the bug has already been reported:

Unfortunately it looks to me to be fairly inactive upstream, so unless
someone is feeling inspired to hack on it, chances of it getting fixed
are not ideal.


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