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Charlie Smotherman cjsmo at cableone.net
Mon Mar 23 21:29:41 GMT 2009


I have a little problem that I need some help with.  I just update the
python-coherence package Bug #338408.  As you can tell from the bug I
collaborated with the Debian Maintainer to update the package in Debian
first.  During this collaboration I used a bzr branch to keep track of
what changes I made to the package and referred upstream to it along
with attaching a debdiff to the bug for upstream and for the
MOTU-release team.  

It has come to my attention the the package is now broken and several
bugs have been filed against it.  This is the culprit

Setting up python-coherence (0.6.2-1) ...
file does not exist:

During the package update Lintian complained of MochiKit.js as being a
violation of policy 4.13 so I took steps to correct this.  As part of
correcting this problem I add debian/links to link to the package
libjs-mochikit.  If you look at the attached branch and the attached
debdiff on Bug #338408 you will notice that debian/links reads 

/usr/share/javascript/mochikit/MochiKit.js /usr/share/pyshared/coherence/web/static/MochiKit.js

The branch is what I used to build and test with, upstream was also
using the branch to help and advise me.  Once upstream (debian
maintainer) was satisfied, he told me that he would upload the branch.  

Now if you download the debian package and take a look at the diff.gz
debian/links now reads:

/usr/share/javascript/mochikit/mochikit.js /usr/share/coherence/coherence/web/static/MochiKit.js

As you can tell this is *not* what I sent upstream to the debian

My question is what would be the best course of action to correct this
now broken package.


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