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First of all, thanks Jordan for your questions.

Jordan Mantha ha scritto:
>> Post FF if someone wants to start a library transition it ought to have an FFe from motu-release.  This is how we've operated for some time and nothing new (I don't think).  This is one area where motu-release does report to the Ubuntu Release team at the regular release team meetings.
> Right, so it didn't seem quite clear to me what defines a transition?
> does say 3 packages constitute a transition? do we just use common
> sense there? It was also not clear in the wording that motu-release is
> only involved post FF.

I think so. Package transitions require work by archive-admins to
process binary NEW, by developers to manage rebuilds and make sure
everything is fine with new library. This requires more time than a
single, standalone upload.

Changing SONAMEs is something like a new feature to me. Most of the
times there are just ABI bump, where a rebuild is enough, but it's
better to check with motu-release to make sure to be able to complete
the transition in time according to release schedule.

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