Joseph Miller josephcmiller2 at
Sun Mar 15 18:51:44 GMT 2009

Here's a command-line program to connect to Twitter and update and/or
retrieve one's status.  I wrote it so that I can use ALT+F2 'twit my new
status' instead of opening a browser window.  The GUI programs that are
available through Ubuntu seemed to take too many steps just to update my
status.  I had to click too many things and I wanted a shortcut.  I also
plan to get my computers their own twitter accounts and use this script to
keep me updated, especially when I send them to batch process a list of
files for video encoding, compiling, etc.  Perhaps this is something you may
want to include in the python-twitter package. I would recommend it, I was
pretty surprised not to find a 'twit' command on my computer.

- no help or instructions (ok, that's lack of a feature)
- reads from a configuration file ~/.twit/config
- creates a config file if none exists and requests the username / password
from the user

Command `twit' will simply retrieve the status
Command `twit a new status' will update the status

Note: I made it so that quotes are not required on the new status.  I found
that to be too cumbersome so instead, the program will concatenate all the
args except arg[0] and separate them with spaces.

I'm experienced with PHP/Perl/C and others, but this is my first Python
program.  I hope it is OK for a small program.

-Joseph Miller
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