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Luca Falavigna wrote:
> Fellow developers, interested contributors,
> as you know, Jaunty will ship Python 2.6 by default. New version brought
> several changes in the structure of the Ubuntu Python stack, Matthias
> already summarised them very well [1].

Hello colleagues,

This is a related plea for help. I am trying to update Miro[0] for this
transition[1], but it is not as straightforward as it might otherwise be
 as the application is not compatible with python 2.6 and must be
restricted to working with 2.5 only.

I am trying to merge the Debian version and have applied a small patch
to version the interpreter used to /usr/bin/python2.5. Also required is
an additional build-dep on python2.5-dev as this is no longer pulled in
by libboost-python-dev and the build requires the headers. My current
debdiff is attached.

The problem I'm having is that the resulting deb is uninstallable due to
a python-support generated dependency (via ${python:Depends}) on python
(<< 2.6). It seems that python-support always insists that public
modules/extensions are made available for the "current" python version,
regardless of what pycompat/XS-Python-Version says (is this a bug?).

I guess the best current fix is to make the modules and extensions
private and have miro use them out of /usr/share/miro, as it seems that
these respect the requested versions. This is where I come unstuck
though; I cannot realise this. I've tried various patches to,
but to no avail, and I wonder if there is a better way.

Gentle reader, please assist me if you have the knowledge and time to
make this happen. IRC would be best for getting this done fast. Miro is
a popular application that we should endeavour to fix :).

Thanks for reading,

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