packaging gtkwave and icarus verilog

Iztok Jeras iztok.jeras at
Thu Mar 12 09:32:03 GMT 2009


I hope this is the correct address.

I created packages for newer versions of gtkwave and icarus verilog,
they can be found on my PPA.

Gtkwave is based on a stable version tarball and should be ready for
jaunty. Only the version name should be changed and the mails and
webpage of the official maintainer team added.

Icarus Verilog is in a different shape. The package on my PPA is based
on the recently created branch for the 0.9 release. I will update the
package when a release tarball arrives (it is not scheduled yet). If a
release will not be ready before jaunty is released, than the package
will stay in my PPA.

I need help in naming the versions of PPA packages. The instructions
are not very clear, and I did not check many examples. Please make

Iztok Jeras

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