Mondo update

Laurence M. Perkins lperkins at
Thu Mar 5 20:46:31 GMT 2009

The version of Mondo in the repository:

a) is mislabled as 2.24-2 when it's actually 2.2.4
b) doesn't restore properly. (At least, on my system, it "falls back to
floppy mode" and wants me to copy all the data onto floppies and insert
them one at a time.  Not exactly a good option for a 300gb disk.)

The 2.2.8 version of Mondo and 2.0.6 version of Mindi are available
as .debs on the project's website and appear to work properly, though I
did have to tell it to ignore the cdrecord dependency.  It might be wise
to update the repository.

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