remove this game your repository it calls "over god"

Shawn McCuan smccuan at
Sun Jun 28 22:38:06 BST 2009

> I tried out this game, and the way I see it, there is absolutely no
> reference to the title being something greater than the god you believe in.
> As far as I can see, you are making a very very big jump in assuming
> that the author  has anti-religious beliefs and intends to mock those
> who believe in God.  There is absolutely no direct mention of the god
> you appear to believe in.  Capitalizing the g in god isn't specifically
> owned.  Anyone can use it to mean whatever they want.
> For all we know, the author may have been referring to a Roman, or Greek
> god, or one in a different religion he/she believes in.  However, in my
> opinion, there is no reference to a specific god and as such your
> assumption that the author intends to mock your beliefs is meaningless.
>  It is not enough to justify that there were intentions to insult or
> offend anyone.
> If you really do think that the upstream author intended to insult
> religious beliefs, I suggested contacting them directly and seeing their
> side.
> -- 
> Nick Ellery
> Ubuntu MOTU Developer

I agree 100%.

Shawn McCuan
smccuan at

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