Audacity Package for Ubuntu / Debian

Emmet Hikory persia at
Fri Jun 12 06:26:29 BST 2009

Adrian Knoth wrote:
> Fedora, Mandriva, Opensuse and the lot all ship the 1.3 series. Debian's
> surely not heading backwards and confuse the users with re-introducing
> and old version, which would mean that all community hints in the forums
> wouldn't apply to Debian's version, cause we're not shipping the
> commonly used one.
> In other words: if ever, we could provide the -old package for
> convenience, but don't install it by default.
> I guess all users who are in the need for that package know that they
> want the 1.2 version and install it on their own.

    My memory (which may be faulty) was that the move to 1.3.x was
partly motivated by the effort to migrate away from wx2.4 and
libgtk+1.2.  I remember there being a *heap* of localisation bugs
related to garbled interfaces due to some issues with how wx2.4 handled
unicode, and at least one crash bug, also related to this.

    If anyone is motivated enough to try to prepare an -old package, I
do encourage them to try to port at least to wx2.6 to avoid some of this.


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