8.04 LTS - Snort 2.7 no longer supported

Chris Morrow cmorrow at verrus.com
Thu Jun 11 23:35:44 BST 2009


I am not sure whose responsibility this is - but, Snort 2.7 is no longer
supported. This is the current version found in the Universe repository.
Any Ubuntu server user using Snort2.7 will no longer have access to the
new rule sets.

Quote Sourcefire:
"The bottom line is, if you want to stay current with detection, you
will have to upgrade to Snort 2.8.4 and use the dcerpce2 preprocessor.
We will not be maintaining the old rules from the netbios category and
we will not release any new detection using the old format. " Full
posting is here:

There is an active ticket on launchpad -
https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snort/+bug/281014. Can the
priority for this please be increased?

If this will take a long time to update, please remove the old,
unsupported version from the repository and advise users to compile from

Thank you,
Chris Morrow

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