Extending dh_bash-completion

Federico Hernandez ultrafredde at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 21:56:22 BST 2009


I was thinking of extending the functionality in dh_bash-completion.

While packaging my first package ("task" on revu - still waiting for some
reviews - shameless plug) I discovered that dh_bash-completion expects a
file called debian/bash-completion to be copied to

So it behaves differently to, let's say, dh_installdocs which either can use
filenames arguments or copies the files mentioned in debian/docs to the
documentation directory.

I want now to "extend" dh_bash-completion do behave in the same way. I would
assume the following 3 cases:
1) There is a file called debian/bash-completion. Then copy that file to

2) dh_bash-completion is called with arguments. Copy the arguments (files)
to /etc/bash_completion.d using <packagename>_<filename> as the new
destianation names.

3) There is a file called debian/completions. Copy the files mentioned there
to /etc/bash_completion.d using <packagename>_<filename> as the new
destionation names.

I wanted furthermore to "reuse" most of the applicable options, that can be
found in dh_installdocs, in the extended dh_bash-completion.

I welcome any suggestions, thoughts, feedback.


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