wanna be tweaker - Blender

Jonathan Marsden jmarsden at fastmail.fm
Sat Jan 31 05:39:06 GMT 2009

Adam B wrote:

> How can I track down the current maintainer of the Blender package for intrepid?
> This page (http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/blender) merely says
> the maintainer is "Ubuntu MOTU Developers".

apt-get source blender

and then read the debian/changelog file to see who has been maintaining
this package most recently.

> I'm interested in making a few tweaks to Blender.  If it works out I'd
> like to create an Ubuntu package identical to that which ships with
> Ubuntu (aside from my tweaks).

Then you can just apt-get source blender as above, make your tweaks to
the package (including a dch -i to add a new changelog section
describing your changes) and rebuild the changed package yourself using
debuild :)

See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete for some more
details on Ubuntu packaging.  You do not need to contact the last
maintainer just to create a changed package for yourself and your friends.


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