MOTU Meeting Minutes for 2009-01-30

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MOTU Meeting Minutes for 2009-01-30

 * Jonathan Davies
 * Luca Falavigna
 * Nathan Handler
 * Emmet Hikory
 * Sarah Hobbs
 * Morten Kjeldgaard
 * James Westby

== Discussion about REVU ==

Morten Kjeldgaard raised a proposal to improve REVU workflow [1]. With
this new approach, packages uploaded to REVU would fall into four
categories depending on reviewers' actions (need-work comments or
advocations). It could also be possible to inhibit new uploads to REVU
at a choosen time (i.e. after FeatureFreeze), but Nathan Handler and
Emmet Hikory put some objections about this feature.

Discussion was taken to describe the new display method for REVU
packages, Nathan Handler and Emmet Hikory argued about the real
usefulness of the new interface, especially because of the notification
feature already implemented in REVU (interested parties can subscribe to
a given package to receive updates about a package status). After a
short discussion, there was no consensus about the proposed workflow
because there is not a clear idea of the benefits of it. Luca Falavigna
proposed to set up a staging REVU server to familiarize with the new
display method to see how it performs and if there is room for improvements.

==== Decisions ====

 * Morten Kjeldgaard will code new display method
 * Luca Falavigna will look for hosting for a staging REVU server
 * Nathan Handler will coordinate the process and report back to
MOTUs 		   about the implementation


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