[Brainstorm-moderators] Using Brainstorm for packaging requests

Saïvann oxmosys at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 21:06:06 GMT 2009

> Was there any further discussion on this which I missed, or has
> discussion stalled?
I think that discussion stalled as the new brainstorm version still
insist that packaging requests should be done in launchpad :

http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/submit/ refers to

I think that it depends on only one thing, the ubuntu policy about
accepting new softwares in repository.

If ubuntu policy is to accept any working software, then I think that
using braintorm isn't worth since it don't matter how many votes this
software get, it will be accepted anyway. The number of people
subscribed to the bug report is already a good way to know the
popularity of the software.

If ubuntu policy is to accept only popular softwares, then I think that
brainstorm would be the right place to find out which ones should be

Nand and brainstorm admins : any thoughts on that?


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