All hands on deck! It's REVU day!

Kjeldgaard Morten mok at
Fri Jan 16 10:32:09 GMT 2009


We are already well into REVU day, and we have > 100 entries sitting  
in the queue waiting for a review. You may not think that reviewing is  
the most sexy MOTU task, but as long as we refer newcomers to REVU, we  
owe it to the community to review uploads. Each upload deserves at  
least one review. If it after that gets stuck in "needs-work" status,  
so be it. Perhaps someone else will come along later and care for it.

But,  in fact many of the packages have gone through several rounds of  
reviewing and can soon be finalized, and their uploaders are anxiously  

There are many exciting software packages to look at, and many that  
would be a big plus for Ubuntu users. So come along on #ubuntu-motu,  
get a friendly chat and brush up on your rusty reviewing skills.


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