Impact of GPL packaging on non-GPL packages...

Robert Collins robertc at
Tue Jan 13 05:07:56 GMT 2009

I've noticed a lot of 'GPL licenced packaging' on REVU. Ignore the
question of whether the packaging data is even large enough to
copyright, what is the impact on the end user.

(I suspect its a case of simple case of combining rather than derivation
in the common case). But more important than my knowing, is for our
users to know: e.g. if they see a packaged binary library that claims to
be e.g. BSD, but the shipped copyright claims both BSD and GPL[for the
packaging] what should the user assume - that they have received a BSD
library, or that they will have to not use the packaged version if they
are building BSD code on top of it.

I can see further corollaries to this, but first-steps-first.


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